Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Learn quality management online with LinkedIn Learning

 To help the world economy recover after the hit of COVID-19, in summer 2020 Microsoft launched a global skills initiative making online learning on LinkeIn platform free for everyone.

Continues learning has never been more importand. As Brad Smith states in his blog post:

    "By 1970, America’s high school graduation rate reached 80%, compared to 6% when the century began.[1] Perhaps more than any other single indicator, this explains why the 20th century not only boosted economic productivity but distributed its benefits so broadly.

The world has a similar opportunity today. A new generation of 21st century infrastructure calls for new investments that will broaden access to the digital devices and broadband connectivity that have become the lifeblood of commerce, healthcare and education. And it similarly calls for a renewed commitment to the education and skills that a new generation of technology has made essential for people’s personal progress."

More than 30 million people form over 240 countries and territories use free digital access to knowledge in the past year:

Here is a list of available quality management courses on LinkedIn Learning:
Take opportunity of our own free ISO 9001 resources.
As we are getting closer to the new ISO 9001 version release (tentative 2023), more of our existing ISO 9001:2015 products are becoming discounted or even free to use - check often.