Tuesday, June 11, 2013

5 Ways to Improve Quality Culture of Your Organization

Every organization has a culture which is influenced by its leaders and adapted by its employees.  An organization that focuses on Quality in its culture will benefit in many ways. It will improve efficiency and thus will be able to meet their customer needs more effectively. The solidly defined processes will facilitate decision making based on evidence. Transparency and honesty will increase staff morale.

Quality culture of an organization can be defined as a commitment to quality environment, products and processes. Quality culture can and has to be constantly improved.

Regardless of level in the organization, you can play a part in its culture.

1.    Lead by example; promote positive values through consistent decision.
2.    Establish and maintain a positive quality culture through regular training and
educational sessions.
3.    Cultivate in the personnel a sense of pride of belonging to the Company. This will activate the effort and initiative.
4.    Make communication in the workplace more effective. Efficiency will result in respecting the Customers’ time and understanding their needs.
5.    Maintain consistency with regards to the products and services. This will build long term relations with the existing customers and open the ways of acquiring new ones via referral processes.

What is your Company's Quality Culture? How do you improve it?

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