Wednesday, September 7, 2016

System audit vs. Technical audit

Can we conclude that System audit can/may include Technical audit since technical expert may be required during a System audit (1st, 2nd or 3rd party) as per ISO 19011?

Technical Audit is an audit performed by an auditor, engineer or subject matter expert. 
Technical audit covers the technical aspects of the project implemented in the organization 

System Audit

1st Party - An internal audit that an organization performs on itself. 
2nd Party - An external audit that an organization performs on a supplier of goods or services. 
3rd Party - An external audit that is conducted by an independent organization upon another organization. 

1. Planning, conducting, analysis and improvement activities of Technical audit can be a part of the Internal audits program (1st party).
2. Results of Technical audit should be taken into account when planning the scope of the 2st party audit.
3. Technical audit can not change the 3st party audits program including certification, as they are carried out by specialists of independent organization per their own programs.

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