Sunday, June 10, 2018

Control of Environmental Aspects procedure

We have added an MSP to our ISO 14001:2015 documents and templates collection: MSP 6.1.2.Control of Environmental Aspects.

The main purpose of the Procedure is to:
  • establish a procedure for the environmental aspects identification and ranking; 
  • develop measures to reduce environmental impact and control of Environmental Registers.

MSP 6.1.2.Control of Environmental Aspects applies to all processes, products and services of the Organization subdivisions that are in scope of the Environmental Management System and fills the gaps in the ISO 14001 EMS documentation when transitioning to the new version of ISO 14001:2015.

The following forms are included in the Procedure
  • MSF 6.1.2-01-01 Environmental Aspects Register
  • MSF 6.1.2-01-02 Personnel Acquaintance with the Environmental Aspects Register

Download the Content of the MSP 6.1.2.Control of Environmental Aspects.

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